Habari Xenu - A Cool XUL News Aggregator

Dec 20, 2005
The release of v1.0.3 is now available for download. Save the XPI locally to your hard disk and open it through File -> Open to begin the installation.

What is Habari Xenu?
Habari Xenu is a News Aggregator that is built on top of the powerful Mozilla web platform.

What is a News Aggregator?
A News Aggregator is a program that periodically downloads the latest headlines from your chosen news sources and displays them in one convenient place. It enables you to glance at the latest headlines and gives you the ability to read the full story behind those headlines that interest you. In conjunction with Mozilla's tabbed browsing feature, a program like Habari Xenu helps you quickly catch up with all the latest news from your favorite news sources.

What inspired the creation of Habari Xenu?
Habari Xenu was directly inspired by Aggreg8 which used to be the only free XUL-based news aggregator back in the day. Early versions of HX had a UI very much like Aggreg8's. Habari Xenu also borrowed ideas from RSS Reader and Sage.

Looking for translaters
As Habari Xenu is reaching stability and nearing version 1.0 it is becoming very important to localize Habari Xenu into other languages. Please join the mailing list and post if you are willing to help translate Habari Xenu into other locales.

The habarixenu project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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